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To visit the Brandwein Nature Learning Preserve, see the Use Regulations.

Brandwein Nature Learning Preserve Use Regulations

Survey Form for BNLP Visitors

"Thank you for a wonderful field trip.We learned so much, and the children had so much fun spending the day out in the fresh air and observing things in nature.Each trail offered some wonderful lessons for us to share with our students.We talked about the environment, birds, amphibians, plants and habitats. All these lessons tied perfectly into our new Common Core Anthologies we have been teaching our students this year. I am looking forward to scheduling a field trip again next year at the nature preserve.I will pass on to my colleagues what a wonderful trip we had and how much our students enjoyed this field trip.We appreciate everything you and your organization of volunteers did to prepare for our visit."

Thanks so much,

Melissa Haight, Kindergarten teacher, Hamilton Bicentennial School
Port Jervis City School District, Port Jervis, New Jersey

A major focus of the Brandwein Institute has been the establishment of several interpretive trails on the Brandwein-Morholt Trust property (Rutgers Creek Wildlife Conservancy). The trails are designed to be used by local school students and club members to perform field studies. Click here for a map of the proposed trails. Virtual investigations are also encouraged so that students around the country can participate in the trails activities in their communities and share data with their counterparts. Click here to download the proposal outlining the plan for the trails development. The proposal was prepared by Jerry Schierloh, consultant, formerly with the New Jersey School of Conservation. Phase One of three phases of the project began in spring 2010.  The ground-breaking ceremony took place on October 30, 2010, and the Dedication Ceremony was held on October 8, 2012.

Looking under rocks in the creek

The activities in this section were designed to be performed by teachers and students in the Brandwein Nature Learning Preserve, Unionville, NewYork. However, they may also be used in almost any outdoor environment that contains flora and fauna. The activities were authored by Brandwein Fellows, veteran science teachers who use the outdoors as a learning lab for student field investigations. The material in the "Skill Building" section includes "How Tos" on using technology tools and doing field studies in natural environments. The Brandwein Institute invites teachers to submit their own original activities to web editor Marily DeWall for posting on this website. Please follow the same format as the existing activities. Also if you have comments or suggestions for enhancements, or just want to share your observations and experiences with students and outdoor learning, please also email these to Marily.

Brandwein Nature Learning Preserve Outdoor Learning Activities

In addition to the activities included in the lesson plans below, there are many outdoor science investigations for children online. A good source of biodiversity activities for kids can be found in the free PDF "The Youth Guide to Biodiversity." Click on the link below to download.

   Skill Building: