Kartikeya SarabhaiKartikeya Sarabhai to Receive Brandwein Medal

The 2016 International Brandwein Medal will be presented to Kartikeya sarabhai at the World Conservation Congress in Hawaii, September 1-5. Mr. Sarabhai is one of the world's leading environmental educators and a dedicated community builder as well a an astute and well-regarded industrialist. He is founder and director of India's Centre for Environmental Education, headquartered in Ahmedabad. Mr. Sarabhai was among the founders of the South and Southeast Asian Network for Environmental Education, and he is currently the editor of the Journal of Education for Sustainable Development. See Kartikeya Sarabhai's Bio.

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On November 6, 2015, the Brandwein Institute convened a three-day Summit, “Inspiring a New Generation: A North American Summit” at the National Conservation Training Center, Shepherdstown, West Virginia. The Summit brought together 200 key stakeholders to design an action plan to build life-long relationships with nature for current and future generations. Read more.

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The Brandwein Nature Learning Preserve consists of trails on the Brandwein-Morholt Trust property (Rutgers Creek Wildlife Conservancy) designed to be used by local school students and club members to perform field studies. Virtual investigations are also encouraged so that students around the country can participate in the learning preserve activities in their communities and share data with their counterparts.

Looking under rocks in the creekLesson plans and skill-building activities, aimed at the middle grades level, have been developed by outstanding science teachers who are Brandwein Fellows. The activities may be used by teachers visiting the learning preserve with their students or by teachers in other parts of the country who have access to outdoor field study.

The Brandwein Institute is hostingan Inspiring a New Generation (ING) Summer Science Camp, July 25-29, 2016, at the Brandwein Nature Learning Preserve, Port Jervis, New York. Read more information.

Drew Lanham is 2016 Brandwein Lecturer

Drew LanhamDrew Lanham, Professor, School of Agriculture, Forest, and Environmental Sciences spoke at the National Science Teachers Annual Meeting on Saturday, April 2, 2016, in Nashville, Tennessee.   In his teaching, research, and outreach roles, Drew seeks to translate conservation science to make it relevant to others in ways that are evocative and understandable. As a Black American he is intrigued with how culture and ethnic prisms can bend perceptions of nature and its care.  The title of his lecture is "Love--The Four Letter Word that Science Forgot.”  Read Drew’s Bio. Read Drew's lecture. See photos of 2016 Brandwein Lecture




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