“Inspiring a New Generation: the Pathway to #NatureForAll !”

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Inspiring a New Generation (ING): A North American Summit

ING Proceedings cover

Click to download the ING Proceedings

During the Inspiring a New Generation: A North American Summit, held November 6-8, 2015 at the National Conservation Training Center in Shepherdstown, West Virginia, more than 200 key stakeholders gathered to design strategies to build life-long relationships with nature for current and future generations.

breakout session

Breakout session

The resulting pillars of a Framework for Action included 15 initiatives for change that participants prioritized and committed to work on over the next five years. The Brandwein Institute, in partnership with the National Environmental Education Foundation (NEEF) convened the Summit with participants primarily from the United States, Canada, and Mexico with several from other countries including China, Australia, Brazil, and Peru. The ING Summit built on the issues identified by the Inspiring a New Generation Stream at the World Parks Congress, held in 2016. The unique conference agenda was structured with brief provocations followed by facilitated breakout group discussion regarding what’s working well now; identifying gaps, successes and aspirations; brainstorming initiatives that would help the ING movement gain momentum; overcoming significant barriers to success; and identifying and paving the way for new initiatives. Graphic facilitators led breakout group participants through a series of activities resulting in the identification of and commitment to a series of strategic actions.

See the survey reports and the accompanying results, below, part of a larger evaluative research project that simultaneously measures the summit’s impact and outcomes.

John Jarvis and Alan Latourelle

U.S. National Park Service Director John Jarvis and Parks Canada CEO (retired) Alan Latourelle gave the first ING provocation. They received Brandwein Medals at the Saturday evening ceremony.

“Inspiring a New Generation” has transitioned to a broader theme: “Nature for All” or #natureforall. On Saturday evening, November 7, the Brandwein Institute bestowed its highest award, the International Brandwein Medal, to U.S. National Park Service Director Jonathan Jarvis and former Parks Canada Director Alan Latourelle.  Saturday evening also included a live performance by Music2Life featuring the talents of Noel Paul Stookey (Peter, Paul, and Mary), Tem Blessed, and Rachel Lastimosa (Dirty Boots).

ING initiative selection

ING initiative selection

The event was a specially choreographed blend of live performances and testimonials from ING leaders, evocative videos, and energizing narration designed to invigorate participants and spark new perspectives on the work of ING.

ING History Map

Participants placed themselves on a large ING History Map according to when they entered the movement to connect with nature.

In the final session on Sunday morning, representatives from the breakout groups presented their choices for ING actions, and all participants voted on the top priority initiatives resulting in 15 Pillars for the Framework for Change. A record of the Summit happenings and results were reported at the World Conservation Congress in Hawaii in September, 2016. Download the Summit Proceedings here.

View or download the ING Brochure, or read on for more details. “Inspiring a New Generation” has transitioned to a broader theme: “Nature for All” or #natureforall.


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Goals, Expectations, and Factors for Success Report on the Pre-Summit Survey Results for the 2015 Inspiring a New Generation North American Summit Summit Research Team Members: Dr. Matthew Browning, Wonjun Choi, Dr. Cheryl Charles Read also, the second evaluation results, “Short-Term Reflections on the Goals and Factors for Success after the 2015 North American Inspiring a New Generation.” The third survey report, “Six Month Changes in Evaluative Beliefs About the 2015 ING Summit,” extends our prior results with findings from a third survey conducted six months after the Summit. These reports and the accompanying results are part of a larger evaluative research project that simultaneously measures the summit’s impact and outcomes as well as furthers the field of collective impact evaluation literature by assessing the range of goals from the summit from diverse stakeholders and the extent to which these goals are met during and after the summit.