Brandwein Institute Board Transitions to New Leadership

Seven of the eight founding members have transitioned off the Board to become emeritus Board members.  Over the past 25 years, the founders and additional Board members have initiated teacher institutes, lecture and awards programs, international conferences, and the development of the Brandwein Nature Learning Preserve. See press release..  New Board officers are David Bavoso, President; David Foord, Vice President; Lisa … Read More

Dr. Margaret Otieno is Awarded the International Brandwein Medal

  Dr. Otieno is an environmental educator with PhD in Climate Change and Education for Sustainable Development and an MSC in Environment and Development. With over 20 years in the environmental education field, she is currently the National Coordinator of the Wildlife Clubs of Kenya. Dr. Otieno reaches thousands of school children, youth, and communities with conservation knowledge and has … Read More

Walter Bogan and Talbert Spence to Receive Brandwein Medals in 2022

Walter Bogan and Talbert Spence will each receive a Brandwein Medal in October 2022 at the Brandwein Nature Learning Preserve in Unionville, New York. The Medals are awarded in recognition of their work to inspire new generations, regardless of age, to experience, embrace and love nature firsthand. Their leadership has reached millions of people, especially the young, inspiring them to … Read More

Brandwein Institute Posts “StoryTime Videos” for Preschool Children

The Brandwein Institute’s “StoryTime Videos” are designed for a preschool audience and feature nature and its creatures. The books, read by interpretive naturalist Sara Mayes, are designed to encourage preschoolers to appreciate the beauty and mysteries of the natural world. See them at 

“In a Brandwein Minute” Video Series Now Online

“In a Brandwein Minute,” is a series of minute-long video explorations into the natural world led by interpretive naturalist Sara Mayes. These vignettes are designed to spur additional investigations and provide inspiration through images of the wonders of nature. Most of the videos were taken at the Brandwein Nature Learning Preserve, but their subject matter can be found in backyards and … Read More

Richard Primack, Professor of Biology at Boston University, will deliver the 2022 Brandwein Lecture at the 2022 National Science Teaching Association Annual Meeting in Houston, Texas

Richard Primack’s lecture topic is Walden Warming: Climate Change Comes to Thoreau’s Woods. He is currently investigating the impact of climate change on the flowering and leafing-out times of plants; the spring arrival of birds and the flight times of insects in Massachusetts, Japan, and South Korea; and the potential for ecological mismatches among species caused by climate change. The … Read More

E.O. Wilson Received the Brandwein Medal Remotely.

Since the National Science Teaching Association has cancelled its 2020 Annual Meeting, Edward O. Wilson received the 2020 Brandwein Medal remotely through the U.S. Postal Service. An Awards Ceremony in Boston is planned for a later date.  The medal is given in recognition of his lifetime of inspiring new generations to experience, embrace, and love nature. E.O. Wilson 2017 short … Read More

Free Software for Young Birders

Any young birder in pre-K, grade school, middle school or high school can download the new version 7.7 of Thayer’s Birds of North America at NO COST. This amazing software, for Windows or Mac computers, features the 1007 birds that have been seen in the continental U.S. and Canada. The software includes over 6,600 color photos, 1,500 songs and calls, … Read More

#NatureForAll now has 280+ partner organizations

Updates on how #NatureForAll partners are working together to scale up the reach and impact of efforts to connect people with nature and inspire love, support and action for its conservation are in the September 2018 newsletter, available here. Through #NatureForAll blog posts and success stories, the newsletter reports on lessons learned, insider tips, and personal stories about inspiring ways … Read More