ANSS logoNature Study Journals (publications included here from 1964-2004), in 3-4 annually themed issues contained in-depth articles focused on nature study, nature education, environmental education, trends, issues, resources, opportunities and more all written and compiled by its members, guest writers and guest editors such as; L H Bailey, Anna Botsford Comstock, E L Palmer, Cap’n Bill Vinal, Roger Tory Peterson, Edwin Way Teale, Bill Sharp, Helen Ross Russell, Bill Stapp, Verne Rockcastle, John Serrao and Bill Hammond. The Journal often contained additional Teaching Tips.

Nature Study Journal Winter 1967-68

Winter 1967-68

Nature Study Journal themes included (not limited to): Interrelationships, Insects, Water, Amphibians, Forest, Winter, City, Writing for Children and many more. Index and Anniversary issues were published periodically. Books of related content for both children and adults, many authored by members, were reviewed in each issue. The 75th Anniversary Issue published in 1982 includes biographical sketches of all the ANSS Presidents to that date.

It may be interesting to note that the single illustration pictured front and center on the front cover of every Journal 1964-1969 was the sketch of a single racoon with the name ‘Rita’ written in small print under the image … is ‘Rita’ the illustrator? The racoon graced the cover regardless of the issue content/theme.

Nature Study Journal February 1987

February 1987

Journal issues from 1970-2004 then featured different cover illustrations and/or photographs related to the issue’s content. The racoon however was still featured on Journal covers through 1980 – smaller in stature but still prominent in the upper corner.

In 1982, ANSS featured the illustration of an owl as its new logo, designed by long time ANSS member and artist Susan Burleigh and would appear on/in all Society publications. Individuals contributing to Journal cover designs, illustrations and photographs were credited in most issues from 1970.

Missing Journal publications:

  • *pre 1967
  • *1978
1964-7618-30Index Issue -Vl 18-30,1964-1976
1967213Go Outdoors for Outdoor Education
1967214Develop Nature Appreciation
1968221Nature Study and the Years Ahead
1968222Morality of Conservation
1968223Participate, Interact with Nature
1968224Environmental Crisis
1969231Wildlife Resources
1969232Teaching Ecological Concepts
1969233Environmental Awareness Through Involvement
1969-70234Time for Action
1970241America Starts the Clean-Up
1970242Man and the Land
1970243Only One Earth to Study
1970244Listen … to the Earth
1971251Youth Returns … to the Earth
1971252Environmental Restoration
1971253Fall Dresses for Winter
1971254Motivating to Personal Environmental Action
1972261Action Must Follow Awareness
1972262Linking Inner City and Natural Communities
1972263The Best Ecology Book is the Outddors
1972264Putting It All Together
1973271Go to the Field for Nature
1973271Total Community Involvement
1973272Land Use Must Be Planned
1973-74274Robert Frost
1974281Beauty in Mind and Spirit
1974282Man … IN Nature
1974-75284Vineholler 1975 – William Gould Vinal
1975291Inner City – Survival Through Education
1975292Review – The Past Is Prologue
1975293 & 4Western Style
1976301Bicentennial Issue
1976302Earth Year 1976
1977304Environmental Studies with Seaside Life
1977311Talking Sense About Energy
1977312Nature Study and the Handicapped
1979321Valuing Nature
1979323Hunting Moths and the Membership Directory
1980324Alaska – Wildlife for Tomorrow
1980332 & 3Endangered Mammals
1980334Field Study Centers
1981341 & 2The Sea Around Us
1982351 & 2Members Issue
1982353 & 4Culture and the Environment
1983361 & 2In Praise of Mountains
1983363 & 4The City Issue
1983371 & 275th Anniversary
1984373 & 4Environmental Education Practices
1984381Native Americans
1985382 & 3Sharing’
1986392 & 3International Issue
1987401 & 2Water
1988411 & 2Winter
1988413 & 4The Write Stuff
1988421 & 2Women & the Environment
1989423 & 4Weather
1989431 & 2Food, Nutrition and the Environment
1990433 & 4Potpurri
1990441Weaving it Together
1991442 & 3Environmental Celebration
1993451 & 2The Journal: Past, Present, and Future
1993453 & 4Youth & the Environment
1994464-JanFirst Nations People
1994471 & 2Animals
1995473 & 4Wetlands
1997484-JanSampler of Tips
1998481 & 2Forests
1999493 & 4Voices from the Past
2000-2001501 & 2Nature in Your Neighborhood
2001-2002503& 4Amphibians
2003511 & 2Childhood Memories
2004521Keeping Nature Journals