ANSS logoTeaching Tips were/are 1- to 3-page ‘lesson plans’ focused on helping teachers and students learn about the natural world. ANSS’ Tips were first published in the Society’s Newsletters but also found their way into many of the Nature Study Journals. Topics were as widespread and as varied as all the associated fields of nature-study and environmental education from Acid Rain to Insects to Bird Houses to the Moon.

Tips were written by members, authors and guests, many of whom were outstanding educators and naturalists. ANSS Teaching Tips have been re-printed many times and are still in use and valuable today.

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DateNwsltr/Nat Study VolIssueTeaching TipAuthor
198783Acids UnveiledWisconsin Dept. Nat. Res.
198782Becoming a Wildlife ListerCraig Tufts
198784Life on the Edge: Exploring the Inter-Tidal ZoneJournal Maine Audubon Soc.
198781Using Old Christmas TreesJoy Finlay
198782Your County AlmanacStephan P. Carlson
198891Beaks Are In the BagTom Hallowell
198894Connect Dots & Pinhole ConstellationsJohn Kominsky
1989102Neighborhood Habitat InventoryDr. Darrell Young
1989101Winter Survival Reconniasance HikeJerry Scherloch
1990111A Place for Native American Oral Tradition in Nature StudyClayton Russell
1991121Comparison Shopping- Environmental StyleDiane Wiessenger
1992134Getting to Know the WolfJoe Fontane
1992131Trees in Our LivesJoy Finlay
1993142Build a BirdfeederMarla Cohen
1993141Finding a Sink-in-the-Snow CoefficientVerne Rockcastle
1993143Ultimate PackagingChritina Russo
1994-5144Forest Product CardsBonnie Koop
1995152Predator by NightKatharina Fichtner
1997172Chemical SpillMark Russo
1998181Sizzlin’ in Our Solar SystemJessica Pierson, Mark Russo
1999192,3The Baited Tracking BoxDillon Finan
1999191,2The Spider Web EffectVerne Rockcastle
2001-2NS Vol 503 & 4Amphibian ResearchBetty Mc Knight
2001-2NS Vol 503 & 4Life in a HoleBonnie Koop
2003NS Vol 521 & 2Common Volunteer PlantsHelen Ross Russell
2004NS Vol 521An Outdoor Investigation-Using All Your SensesMark Baldwin
2004NS Vol 521The Moon: A Journal Exercise in InquiryMark Baldwin