Terry Ippolito

Teresa (Terry) Ippolito served as U. S. EPA’s Environmental Education Coordinator for New Jersey, New York, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Terry coordinated EPA’s programming in environmental education (EE) which includes administering the agency’s EE Grants Program in the region. She networked with and supported the efforts of formal and non-formal environmental educators, participated in government and non-government environmental education organizations and was a member of EPA’s work group for the agency’s environmental educational website and blog.  Terry supported the work of EPA program offices, other government agencies and non-government organizations to promote and provide excellence in EE. Her typical efforts ranged from doing a classroom demonstration on non-point water pollution to workshops for EPA staff designed to ensure effective Earth Day outreach to providing EE presentations to national audiences.

Terry came to EPA in 1988 as an environmental scientist after sixteen years in education as a science teacher and school administrator.  When the National Environmental Education Act was enacted in 1990, she made the transition to EPA Regional EE Coordinator.  Her last position combined expertise in both education and the environment.  She brought real world insights and commitment into the challenges and delights of teaching about the environment.

Terry was a past Chair of the NYC Environmental Education Advisory Council and had been involved with and held leadership positions in civic, community, church and educational boards and organizations in New York City where she resided all her life.

Terry held a B.S. in Biology and an M.S. in Environmental Health Science.