(Compiled by Amy R. Bavoso, First-Grade Teacher, Anna S. Kuhl Elementary School, Port Jervis City School District, Port Jervis, NY)

During the Walk:

*Listen and Discuss/Draw – Have students stop along the trail and close their eyes.  They stay completely silent for a few moments and listen to nature sounds.  When they open their eyes, discuss with them what they heard.  Ex – bird calls, animal sounds, running water, wind blowing through trees, squirrels chattering and crackling leaves, etc.    If you have enough clip boards for each child, have them draw what they heard.

*Scavenger Hunt – Give each student a plastic baggie with a list of things for students to look for/pick up during the walk.  Examples…


After the Walk:

*What Did We See? – Have students make list or circle things they saw while on the trails

Spring/Summer Scavenger Hunt

(from http://www.chestercountymoms.com/2011/04/fun-spring-break-easter-events.html )

*Science Investigations – Have students compare and explore items they found on scavenger hunt.  Bring along magnifying glasses for them to examine their treasures.

*Leaf Rubbings – Have students collect leaves during the walk.  Bring along crayons and paper and have them do leaf rubbings.