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Mission:  To perpetuate the work of Paul F-Brandwein, the Institute is dedicated to the education of all learners in recognition of their interdependence with nature and responsibility for sustaining a healthful and healing environment.

The Rutgers Creek Wildlife Conservancy
Greenville, NY

The Brandwein Institute Headquarters
390 Minisink Turnpike
Port Jervis, NY 12771  
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The Paul F-Brandwein Institute Satellite-Outreach Office
Callahan House
P.O. Box 873
Milford, PA 18337

Brandwein Nature Learning Preserve
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The Paul F-Brandwein Institute, Inc. is located in Greenville, New York on the 77-acre Rutgers Creek Wildlife Conservancy conservation preserve. The Conservancy consists of wooded, old field succession housing diverse wildlife habitats traversed by stack stone walls and bisected by Rutgers Creek. The preserve is surrounded by active dairy farms and growing  residential development in the rolling wooded hills near the town of Greenville, Orange County, New York, close to the New Jersey and Pennsylvania state lines. It is being used by students, teachers, scientists, and other lifelong learners for studies of the environment and natural systems.

Morholt ResidenceTwo houses sit adjacent to the Rutgers Creek Conservancy, the former residence of Evelyn Morholt (More information on Evelyn Morholt) and the Brandwein's home, a farmhouse dating from about 160 years ago, and its outbuildings. The Morholt residence is the Brandwein Institute headquarters and houses the specimen collections. The administrative office is located in the historic Callahan House in Milford, PA.


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 A video introduction to the Brandwein Institute and the Brandwein-Morholt Trust, 2008:



Brandwein Board
Members of the Paul F-Brandwein Board of Directors at the Conservation Learning Summit. Left to Right: Keith Wheeler, William Hammond, Alan Sandler, John Padalino, and Marily DeWall.

Board of Directors

The Brandwein Institute Board of Directors consists of ten individuals with a wide-range of backgrounds, including educators, scientists, an accountant, an attorney, and business and nonprofit administrators. The Board meets quarterly, once a year in person and three times a year by phone conference.  Board members are responsible for programming, budgeting, and fund raising for the Institute.

Brandwein Fellows

The Brandwein Institute has built a cadre of over 100 "Brandwein Fellows," science leaders who are experts in environmental field techniques and mentoring skills. These Fellows have been either participants in the Brandwein/Toyota Summer Leadership Institutes, Brandwein Lecturers, recipients of the Brandwein Medal, or people who are leaders in the field of conservation education and have been of service to the Brandwein Institute. Each of these Fellows has worked with a number of teachers through training sessions reaching thousands of educators nationwide. Brandwein Fellows contribute to the Institute by recommending programming ideas and developing activities for the website. Many of them gather each year at National Science Teachers Association National Conference to reunite and present sessions.

  • Bill Aldridge
  • Dick Arnold
  • David Awtrey
  • Kevin Baker
  • Barbara Barnes
  • William Bavoso
  • Vern Beeson
  • Dean Bennett
  • Sheila Bennett
  • David Billesbach
  • Daniel Bisaccio
  • Don Bogdanske
  • Allen Bone
  • Marie Brett
  • David Brock
  • David Brown
  • Rob Brown
  • Nancy Bruce
  • Henry Burger
  • Roger Bybee
  • Jack Byrne
  • Steven Case
  • Lynne Cherry
  • Cheryl Charles
  • Deborah Cornelison
  • Katalina Czippan
  • Mary Jane Davis
  • Marily DeWall
  • Patricia Dick
  • Christine Donovan
  • Gary Endsley
  • Jane Evans
  • Win Everham
  • David Foord
  • Debra Fort
  • Miguel Germain
  • Rhonda Glasscock
  • Wendy Goldstein
  • Connie Green
  • William Hammond
  • Polla Hartley
  • Lura Hegg
  • Tom Hennigan
  • Maxine Henry
  • Larry Hodgson
  • Steve Hollensed
  • Tracy Hollis
  • Jenelle Hopkins
  • D.J. Huddleston
  • Steve Hulbert
  • Hector Ibarra
  • Emily Janke
  • Susan Jeffries
  • Teresa Ippolito
  • Lori Kindsvatter
  • Ruth Krumhansl
  • Randy Laurence
  • Judy Lee
  • Elissa Levine
  • Richard Louv
  • Gilda Lyon
  • David Macaulay
  • Carolyn Maragh
  • Lynn Margulis
  • Tim Maze
  • Jan-Petrina McCarty-Puhl
  • David Macaulay
  • Marilyn McComber
  • Patricia McGinnis
  • Arthur Morris
  • Joyce Nishimura
  • Robert Oddo
  • Bill Olson
  • Marilynn Oppe
  • John Padalino
  • EllaJay Parfitt
  • Larry Peterson
  • Connie Petruskevich
  • Julia Polak
  • George Radcliffe
  • Judy Reeves
  • Joseph Renzulli
  • Charles Roth
  • Joseph Russo
  • James Rutherford
  • Alan Sandler
  • Jerry Schierloh
  • Paul Schlotman
  • Blake Sills
  • John Smallwood
  • Mary Smigel
  • David Sobel
  • JoAnn Staiti
  • Jonathan Stern
  • Cindy Stevens
  • Art Sussman
  • Gary Swick
  • Christina Taylor
  • Frank Taylor
  • Juliana Texley
  • Brandon Thacker
  • Robert Tinker
  • Mike Trimble
  • Rick Tully
  • Ian Turoff
  • Anne Tweed
  • Harry Weekes
  • Keith Wheeler
  • Brad Williamson
  • Ronald Wilmot