ANSS logoEphraim Lawrence (E L) Palmer was most well-known for his books such as Field Book of Natural History (1949), his weekly radio

Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle by Hope Sawyer, Insert #19

show This Week in Nature of the 1940s – 1950s, and his writings and contributions in the monthly publication of Nature Magazine including the 100+ Natural History Inserts.

Each 8-page insert is inclusive of and focuses on a distinct and specific topic of natural history. Palmer often wrote a ‘School Page’ article to accompany the Natural History Insert of that particular issue giving teachers the tools and lessons he/she needed to include the information in both the classroom and related field studies.

The ‘School Pages’ are not included in these archives.

It is significant to note and remember that Nature Magazine was a monthly publication. You will often find these inserts in the binders and on library shelves in schools, libraries, nature centers and outdoor/environmental education centers today.


Spiders by Velma Knox, Insert #22

Missing Natural History Inserts:

  • #103 “Common Perch and Bass”
Nature in the SchoolJun. 1928
Conservation Education in the SchoolsNov. 1939
1Some Common Fresh-Water InsectsOct. 1938
2Weeds Above the SnowDec. 1938
3*The Sky at Night (reprint see #68)Feb. 1939
4Some Common ReptilesApr. 1939
5Some Common Food and Game FishesJun-Jul. 1939
6Some Common Rocks and MineralsOct. 1939
7Domestic MammalsDec. 1939
8Some Common Marine AnimalsFeb. 1940
9Upland Game Birds and WaterfowlApr. 1940
10Atlantic and Gulf Coast ShellsJun-Jul. 1940
11“Nuts”Oct. 1940
12Our Fur-BearersDec. 1940
13Deserted DesertsFeb. 1941
14Marshes and Their EnvironsApr. 1941
15Weed Patches and Waste PlacesJun-Jul 1941
16Our Fruit StoresOct. 1941
17Circus and ZooDec. 1941
18Rooting in the Root CellarFeb. 1942
19Let’s Pray for the Preying BirdsApr. 1942
20Our Feathery Plant Friends – THE FERNSJun-Jul. 1942
21The Spirit of Fall FlowersOct. 1942
22Along Came a SpiderDec. 1942
23Hello! Do You Hear Me?Feb. 1943
24Some Western BirdsApr. 1943
25Living OutJun-Jul. 1943
26The Tie That BindsOct. 1943
27Evergreens ForeverDec. 1943
28Your Yarb GardenFeb. 1944
29Universal Star ChartApr. 1944
30Some Common AmphibiansJun-Jul. 1944
31Cereals and Kindred GrassesOct. 1944
32Some Eastern Birds in WinterDec. 1944
33Some Eastern Ornamental TreesFeb. 1945
34Pacific Coast ShellsApr. 1945
35Some Common MushroomsJun-Jul. 1945
36Household Enemies on the Home FrontOct. 1945
37He Who Runs May Be ReadDec. 1945
38Marine Algae or “Seaweed”1946
39Some Common Eastern Spring FlowersApr. 1946
40They Are Shore Birds1946
41Some Butterflies and MothsOct. 1946
42CactusesDec. 1946
43Pioneer Plants … Liverworts, Mosses, Club Mosses and Their Allies1947
44Warbler Time1947
45Common Galls of Woody Plants1947
46Tempus Fugit or Age Please1947
47Chick, Chick1947
48Grasshoppes and Their KinFeb. 1948
49The Family Flower GardenApr. 1948
51Fly TimeOct. 1948
52Christmas PlantsDec. 1948
53Birds in Guilded Pages1949
54Some Common WoodsJan. 1950
55Formulas, the Poetry of ScienceMar-50
56Pond-Surface PlantsMay 1950
57A Few SparrowsAug-Sept. 1950
58Poisonous Flowering PlantsNov. 1950
59Mollusks of Land and Fresh WatersJan. 1951
60On The LevelMar. 1951
61Some Flavors and ScentsMay 1951
62Some Birds of the SeaAug-Sept. 1951
63What House Plants TellNov. 1951
65Winter-Buds and Twigs of some common, opposite-budded, woody plantsMar. 1952
66Moles. Shrews and BatsMay 1952
67Wasps, Bees, Ants and Their KinAug-Sept. 1952
68*The Night Sky (reprint of #3)Nov. 1952
69Fresh-Water AlgaeJan. 1953
70Some More Water InsectsMar. 1953
71Some “Game” BirdsMay 1953
72“Bugs”Aug-Sept. 1953
73Winter Buds and TwigsNov. 1953
74Some Large Marine FishesJan. 1954
75Babes of the Woods – Woody Plant SeedlingsMar. 1954
76Feathered PlebiansMay 1954
77Wild or TameAug-Sept. 1954
784 D in Biological EducationNov. 1954
79Aquarium FishesJan. 1955
80Feathered Tree CleanersMar. 1955
81Cats, Domestic and WildMay 1955
82Underwater Pond PlantsAug-Sept. 1955
83Halloween: Its Natural and Unnatural HistoryNov. 1955
84Marine MammalsJan. 1956
85Consider the LiliesMar. 1956
86MinnowsMay 1956
87Goldenrods and AstersAug-Sept. 1956
88More Cone-BearersNov. 1956
89Insect Life in WaterJan. 1957
90More Song BirdsMar. 1957
91Plants That Produce OilMay 1957
92SnakesAug-Sept. 1957
93Fifty Years of Nature Study and the American Nature Study SocietyNov. 1957
94More AmphibiansJan. 1958
95Liberty Hyde Bailey – The BuilderMar. 1958
96The Buttercup FamilyMay 1958
97Two Great of Fifty-Eight – Theodore Roosevelt / Don Carlos de la TorreAug-Sept. 1958
98The Last Weeds of SummerNov. 1958
99TurtlesJan. 1959
100Natural History ChangesMar. 1959
101Know Your FungusesMay 1959
102The Legumes – Our Hope for the Future?Aug-Sept. 1959
103**Some Common Perch and Bass
104Horsetails and Club Mosses
105Little Climates
106The Marsh – A Pageant of Natural History
107Life at Timberline

** insert missing